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Future Development

The organisation is committed to continually improving patient care through innovative working and additional investment. Major developments for the future include:

  • 28m for the redevelopment of the Chorley & Royal Preston Hospital sites;
  • 3m for a fourth and fifth Linear Accelerator and a Magnetic Resonance Imaging Scanner to treat patients with cancer.
  • 3.6m to expand Critical Care services.
  • 1.6 million for a new Medical Ward at Chorley and South Ribble Hospital.
  • 285,000 to further develop the Booked Admissions system which allows patients to agree a date for hospital treatment, that suits their personal and family commitments.

Trust Signs Up to 8.3m EPR Project

In August 2002 the Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust signed an 8.3 million nine year IT contract with Per-Se Technologies. This major initiative will modernise and expand patient information, booking and clinical systems across its three hospitals at Chorley and Preston.

At the core of this ambitious project to improve patient care is the development of an Electronic Patient Record (EPR) system, which will store all patient information, past and present, within a single record.

EPR will replace the traditional paper case notes currently used to record patient information. The new system will have many benefits for patients and clinicians. Benefits for clinical teams include;

Immediate, 24 hour access to patient information from any location
Information only needs to be entered once
Accurate, legible, complete clinical information, stored securely
Electronic ordering of tests and services from wards and clinics
Electronic availability of test results
Ability to prescribe drugs electronically
Automatic alerts to warn of patient allergies and drug interactions
Better communication between departments and multi-disciplinary teams
Automatic access to accredited web based information (if required) when deciding what pathway or drug to prescribe
Improved clinical audit and research
Information can be accessed and shared with other agencies such as GP practices

The benefits to patients include;

No treatment delays and more appropriate treatment delivered because of immediate access to patient information
Patient queries more readily answered as full record available at the bedside
Patients will know that staff treating them are effectively sharing information about their condition with each other
Patient history and identified risks are used to avoid inappropriate care (allergies, reactions etc.)
Facility to agree and assign a specific care pathway to a patient before admission.
More efficient bed management
Potential earlier discharge from hospital as results are available more quickly.

If you have any queries please contact Denise Whittaker, IT Director on 01772 522020 or e-mail

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